If you are just starting out on your journey with Bitcoin, we have put together a guide highlighting some of our favourite crypto enthusiasts, articles, videos, books and YouTube channels to help you connect with some of the top people and content on the web.

The Bitcoin Movement is a privately owned and operated company which was founded to help Bitcoin gain mass adoption through creative design and collaborations with top artists and global brands.   

The Bitcoin Movement is not an official representative of the Bitcoin Protocol or the bitcoin currency.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralised digital currency without a central bank or single administrator.  Bitcoin can be sent from one person to another on a peer-to-peer basis on the Bitcoin network without the need for any intermediaries.  Please do reach out to us on our Twitter if you would like to ask more questions about Bitcoin and The Bitcoin Movement.  Our handle is @BTCMVMNT.

About half of the world's population do not have access to a bank account or basic financial services.  Bitcoin will more than likely provide the vast majority of the unbanked with their first bank account and fair access to financial services that can pull them out of poverty. 

Bitcoin represents the first implementation of the solution to the byzantine general's problem, (Byzantine fault tolerance) which is a long-standing computer science problem that will have all kinds of implications for computer networks going forward. Basically all networks will be redesigned in the future, especially those that move value around.  We are swiftly entering the next phase of the digital world called "The Internet of Value" which will be increasingly accelerated by 5G.


Over half the world lives under tyranny.  For individuals in closed societies, or for anyone facing hyperinflation, capital controls, sanctions, or financial surveillance, Bitcoin can be a tool of freedom. Tyranny is the root of poverty, famine, war and torture - Human Rights Foundation


Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom - Time Magazine

A Human Rights Activist’s Response to Bitcoin Critics - Alex Gladstein of The Human Rights Foundation

Bitcoin could change the game for foreign aid - CNN 

Uniting the world to stand against tyranny - The Human Rights Foundation

This El Salvador Village Adopts Bitcoin As Money - Forbes

Why Bitcoin Matters - The Times [2014]

How Cryptocurrencies Can Influence the Future of Freedom - Alex Gladstein at the Human Rights Foundation

How Cryptocurrencies Can Influence the Future of Freedom - By Vanessa Bates Ramirez

The Moral Case for Lightning: A Global Private Payment Network - Alex Gladstein of The Human Rights Foundation

Op Ed: In China, It’s Blockchain And Tyranny Vs Bitcoin And Freedom - Alex Gladstein of The Human Rights Foundation


Why Decentralized Technology Matters for Freedom - Alex Gladstein

The Cutting Edge of Human Rights - SU, South Africa Summit, 2017 - Alex Gladstein

Exponential Democracy | SingularityU Spain Summit 2019 - Alex Gladstein

From Wechat to Bitcoin | SingularityU South Africa Summit - Alex Gladstein

Andreas Antonopoulos - Highlights: The Internet of Money - Vol 2


A Human Rights Activist Explains Bitcoin’s Importance (Podcast) - Bloomberg

lex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation on the First Crypto War - Ep.021

Podcast: Personal Data, Bitcoin and the Future of Human RightsPodcast: Why Bitcoin Matters for FreedomPodcast: Episode 86: Anti-Authoritarian Technologies & The Future of GovernancePodcast: Ep. 272 - Bitcoin Matters for Your Freedom and Future w/ Alex Gladstein Human Rights FoundationPodcast: Anti-Authoritarian Technologies and The Future of GovernancePodcast: #405 It's All Bitcoin - The Let's Talk Bitcoin NetworkPodcast: Human Rights For All - Taiwan TalkPodcast: How Bitcoin Is Freeing People in China, Venezuela, Iran, and…America (Reason)Podcast: What Harnessing the Bitcoin Blockchain’s Power Could Mean for ChinaPodcast: Alex Gladstein, CSO of The Human Rights Foundation discusses the increasing importance of Bitcoin in the fight for global human rights


There is so much great content out there, here are a few of the most interesting articles we've come across. 


The following are our favourite people to follow for information.  We believe them to be honest and transparent and a great resource to learn from.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Raoul Pal

Jack Dorsey

Altcoin Daily




"CT" stands for "CryptoTwitter" and is one of the largest online communities of crypto enthusiasts and professionals who discuss and debate everything about Bitcoin and Crypto almost 24 hours a day from all parts of the world.  A fantastic source of information and daily news from people who interact with Bitcoin in different ways depending on their circumstances and specific needs.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Adam Back

Nick Szabo

Jack Dorsey

Bryan Bishop

Peter Todd

Trace Mayer

Gavin Andresen

Tim Draper

Max Keiser

Erik Voorhees

Michael Novogratz

Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano

Charlie Shrem

Winklevoss Twins

Barry Silbert

Ben Samocha

Craig Russo

Juan Benet

Yuzo Kano

Elizabeth Stark

Jed McCaleb

Dan Morehead

Nejc Kodrič

Don Tapscott

Bart Stephens

Tone Vays

Bobby Lee

Naval Ravikant


Jimmy Song

Jon Matonis

Adam Draper

James Radecki

Mark Yusko

Jill Carlson

Stephen Pair

Mike Belshe

Marco Streng

Pierre Rochard

Matt Corallo

Luke Dashjr

Micah Winkelspecht

Eric Larchevêque

Jameson Lopp

Spencer Bogart

Chris Burniske


Bruce Fenton

Eric Lombrozo

Nicholas Merten

Marco Santori

Kyle Torpey

Aaron van Wirdum

Wences Casares

Brian Hoffman

Patrick Murck

Oleg Andreev

Jonas Schnelli

Paul Sztorc

Leigh Cuen

Ryan Shea

Christopher Allen

Nicolas Cary

Sergio Demian Lerner

Oleg Andreev

Alan Silbert

Other Blockchain Leaders to follow: 

Jihan Wu

Kathleen Breitman

Brad Garlinghouse

Roger Ver

Changpeng Zhao

Michael Arrington

Vitalik Buterin

Brian Armstrong

Joseph Lubin

Peter Smith

Pieter Wuille

Jeffery Liu Xun

Alexey Ermakov

Sky Guo

Aries Wang

Manish Kataria

Gabriele Musella

Steve Bishop

Zoltan Tersanszky

Dr. Michael Yuan

Kyle Asman

Daniel P. Simon

Salvador Casquero Algarra

Edith Muthoni

Christophe de Courson

Dmitriy Berenzon

Vaibhav Kadikar

Sukhi Jutla

Daniel Ameduri

Marc Bhargava

Tuur Demeester

Ryan Selkis

Sean Keefe

Charles Hoskinson

Jed McCaleb

Vlad Zamfir

Jesse Powell

Arianna Simpson

Marc Andreessen

Dan Larimer

Mick Hagen

Arthur Hayes

Valery Vavilov

Justin Sun

Star Xu

Jeremy Allaire

Ari Paul

Luis Iván Cuende

Dan Wasyluk

Amber Baldet

Tiffany Hayden

Mai Fujimoto

Carl Bennetts

Julian Zawistowski

Carolyn Reckhow

Josh Rager

Willy Woo

Brock Pierce

Alex Tapscott

David Marcus

Josh Olszewicz

Balaji Srinivasan

Joseph Young

Fred Ehrsam

Alistair Milne

Crypto Loomdart

I am Nomad

Alex Krüger

Peter McCormack

Dan Hedl

David Chaum

Max Kordek

Xinxi Wang

Justin Chow

Matthew Roszak

Tyler Wu

Roger Lim

Larry Cermak

Justin Wu

James Wo

Matthew Tan

Sang Lee

Alex Mashinsky

Anson Zeall

Emma Cui

Eddy Travia

Shaun Djie

Eric Benz

Bram Cohen

Alex Morcos

Neha Narula

Gavin Wood

Mai Fujimoto

Dmitriy Budorin

Sunny Lu

Daryl Hok

Alex Melikhov

George Zarya

Ben Davenport

Jared Tate

Fred Ehrsam

Chris Dixon

Neeraj K Agarwal

Peter Van Valkenburgh

Nic Carter

Matthew Green

Andrew Miller

Jerry Brito


These Bitcoin 101 resources have been put together by some of the best minds and are designed to give you a step by step guide to first learn about Bitcoin and then learn how to partipicate. 


We have found some of the following channels and personalities really useful in helping us understand Bitcoin and the wider crypto market. 


Must watches!


There are so many interesting books to read, below is just a small list of what you could read to get started.