BTCMVMNT x Team Zuby - Limited Edition Collection

An exclusive collection of 300 items:
- 50 Hoodies
- 125 T-shirts
- 125 Caps

Every garment is fitted with an NFC chip and registered forever on the VeChainThor Blockchain, allowing you to verify its authenticity and exclusivity.

Check out the "Take the Power Back." Promo short film here.

Check out our exclusive interview with the artist hereThis 300 piece collection is one of the first provably scarce streetwear collections in history.

The Inspiration

Zuby is a British rapper, author, creative entrepreneur, and Oxford University Graduate. He has over 500,000 followers online, millions of online views, and has been involved with bitcoin for years.

“I wanted to design a collection that inspires people to take control of their money, whilst empowering and uniting them through participation in the Bitcoin network.”

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