[SOLD OUT] Everything there is, divided by 21 Million

Limited Edition Collection
"Everything there is, divided by 21 Million"
Only 210 Limited Edition items were available in this collection of Hoodies, T-Shirts and Hats.  You can still purchase mugs and stickers if you love the design :)
This collection is inspired by the Everything is divided by 21 Million Video by Knut Svanholm, Ioni Appelberg and Guy Swann:
 The supply of Bitcoin is fixed at 21 million coins. And Bitcoin is like a black hole, sucking up the value of every other asset class. This means that the value in all other asset classes is being absorbed by those 21 million coins. Imagine everything there is, divided by 21 million.
Knut Svanholm is an author who writes about the philosophical impacts of Bitcoin and how it can change the world for the better. You can find his books here.
Ioni Appelberg is an animator who makes educational videos about Bitcoin. You'll find his videos here.
Guy Swann is the guy who has read more about Bitcoin than anybody else you know.  He is the host of BitcoinAudible

NOTE: This collection is not blockchain based.