Daryl Kelly

Limited Edition Collection

Bitcoin - The Currency of Freedom


Daryl Kelly

The Inspiration

Bitcoin's transformative technology is so important to the world and yet most people still see it as this volatile asset to be traded and potentially profit from.  

Around four years ago I decided that I needed to do something to help it gain mass adoption.

As a creative, I naturally gravitated towards translating my love for Bitcoin in a visual way and so spent time jotting down and sketching all of the important properties I thought that Bitcoin brought to the table and how it differed from the system it was built to replace.  I was trying to understand what it was about Bitcoin that made it so important so I could see them all together and understand them as one.  The designs that make up the collection "Bitcoin - The Currency of Freedom" is the final result of that process and I hope it helps others understand Bitcoin.

One of the most fascinating things about Bitcoin story is that it was created by a person or group of people who to this day remain anonymous.  Thats kind of poetic.  When you really read into Bitcoin, you soon realise it is a work of art itself and a true masterpiece.

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