Everipedia.org Profile on BTCMVMNT

Everipedia.org Profile on BTCMVMNT

The Bitcoin Movement (founded 2019) is an online retail store with the mission of increasing awareness of the decentralized financial revolution taking place and to aid Bitcoin in reaching mass adoption through creative collaboration. [1]


In 2016, founder, Daryl Kelly decided he needed to do something in order to help Bitcoin gain mass adoption. [3]
The Bitcoin Movement was started by Daryl Kelly in 2019 as the worlds first crypto creative community. [2]
On November 11, 2020, The Bitcoin Movement announced it's first VeChain ToolChain powered artist collection of 300 limited edition pieces. The collection "Take the Power Back," was designed by British rapper, Zuby, and went on sale to the public on November 14, 2020. [10] [11]
The collection consisted of 50 hoodies, 125 hats, 125 t-shirts all with the logo "21 Million," which represents the maximum amount of Bitcoins that will ever be mined. Each piece of the collection contains a near-field communication chip linked to the VeChain blockchain. [10] [11]

Limited Edition Collections

The Bitcoin Movement collaborates with various artists and creates limited edition collections of clothing to raise visibility, grow adoption and support Bitcoin. [1]
Founder, Daryl Kelly, created his own limited edition collection called "Bitcoin - The Currency of Freedom." His inspiration for the collection was Bitcoin itself, where he translated his love for the cryptocurrency into a visual way. [3]
Artist Voodoo Salad collaborated with The Bitcoin Movement with his limited edition collection "Bitcoin Rocks!" His inspiration was a classic design with a rock and roll feel to it. He wanted it to be recognizable as well as a conversation piece. [4]
Artist Daniel Arruda developed his collection,"How Bitcoin Saved the Earth," from his love of sci-fi movies, old games, and t-shirts. Due to his passion for stories, he believes Bitcoin is be a classic story of good versus evil. [5]
Freelance illustrator and visual artist from the Netherlands, Ellis Tolsma, created her collection "Currency of the People," as a way to capture the essence of Bitcoin being the currency of the people. [6]
The award winning plastic artist born in Buenos AiresArgentina, Martin Varbaro, was inspired to create his collection "Bitcoin Rebels," as his take on Bitcoin Rebels bursting through the Fed. [7]
Artist, Mike Glenholmes, created his collection "The Fate of Fiat in a Digital World" with The Bitcoin Movement as a representation if financial liberty seen through the anarchic lens of Bitcoin. The London based Irish painter and illustrator was inspired by his desire to share his excitement about the emerging technology that makes Bitcoin possible. [8]
British rapper, author, and entrepreneur, Zuby, collaborated with The Bitcoin Movement to create the collection "Take the Power Back." The artist wanted to design a collection that inspires people to take control of their money while uniting them through participation in the Bitcoin network. [9]

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